What Does It Mean to Be Successful in Life?

The biggest problem we encounter while striving for success in life is the lack of clarity on what success means to us

Posted by Michael Bright on feb 21, 2022

When we’re young and growing up to become independent adults, we strive to be successful in life, but we don’t stop to think about what that really means.

 tree brakes because of lack of flexibility
Broken Tree _ Flexibility is key to success.

We are encouraged to excel in everything we do: get good grades in school, do well in sports, etc. While these are all elements of success, the idea that productivity means success becomes so deeply ingrained in us that we often miss other equally — if not more — important aspects of life that’d make us feel successful. We thereby fall to the default of what society makes us believe success means.

Success means wealth

There is undoubtedly the evolutionary importance of gathering resources. Yet, there are stories of wealthy people feeling unfulfilled and failing to find satisfaction in wealth.

Success means stable relationships

Having stable relationships is without any doubt as important as having enough resources to live by, but this is also not enough as there are many reports of people having everything they need but yet feeling dissatisfied and unsuccessful.

Success means having high social status

To some, having high social status is what makes them feel successful. But to others, having high social status becomes a burden. If success doesn't always mean wealth, love, or social status, what does it mean to be successful?

A deeper understanding of life

Successful people understand life more deeply, they don’t dwell in the shallow, chasing the mundane.

Elements of a truly successful life

There are some elements that can be seen repeated over and over again among truly successful people. If you cultivate these elements, success will inevitably gravitate to you.

What does it mean to be successful in life?

To be successful in life means having the ability to persevere through pain, overcome obstacles and emerge triumphant in anything you do. Cultivating this ability will allow you to find fulfillment in anything you do and prevent you from being caught up in an alien definition of success that may not apply to you.

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