Archarhat Value Model

Fill out this form to discover your true values, preferences, and basic needs.

Posted by Michael Bright on Jan 24, 2022

Do you have clarity on what you value most and prioritize above everything else? We usually don’t actively think about what we value most. But when the going gets tough and we’re forced to make sacrifices, internal conflicts arise. We realize that things we didn’t pay any attention to are actually more important to us than the things we constantly worry about.

core values
Core values.

If we had more clarity on what we should value and prioritize above anything else, it would become easier to make the decisions we need to make in other to move forward. Fill in this value model questionnaire to get more clarity.

Basic needs: will to live (survival)

What can you not survive without, objectively? (food, shelter, water, security, etc)

Core values: will to be (what makes you, you)

What are some ideas you will defend with all your might and end relationships over? What defines your identity?

Preferences: will to act (what makes it all worth it)

What are your hobbies, your passion, and the things that make your life more pleasurable?

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